Center for Indian Scientific Knowledge Systems

Indian Institute of Technology Indore

What this centre about and what it is not?

The centre will focus on understanding, preserving, teaching and adapting the science and technology heritage of India. The center will focus exclusively on the scientific and technology heritage of India and its relevance to modern world. The focus is on hard sciences such as mathematics, astronomy, metallurgy, biology, agriculture, engineering and medicine among others. This center will not focus on the language studies or humanities or social science aspects of Indian knowledge systems.

How will this help a Student/Teachers in STEM Fields in India in 21st Century?

In this resource constrained world, it is essential to balance the needs of development, sustainability and equitable development. For example, the nuanced view of Intellectual properties in Indian civilization could be a model for the world that balances the common societal good with the need for providing incentives to individuals for knowledge creation.
A few specific examples are provided as illustration:
1. Understanding some of the techniques in metallurgy could help us in developing new materials with unique properties (metal mirrors, rust proof iron, high strength steel alloys).
2. Knowledge from agricultural treatises such as vrikshayurveda, Krishi Parashara, viswa vallabha, kashyapiya krushi sukti among others would help us in developing sustainable technologies for watershed management, sustainable agriculture and pest management.
3. Textile Industry could benefit from some of the techniques used for animalizing cotton and it could have commercial implications. For example, please see a patent for Animalizing Cotton that was filed by a US company that found uses for such techniques in textile dyeing (