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Why do we need Center for Indian Scientific Knowledge Systems?

Indic civilization was the knowledge and manufacturing powerhouse of the world for most of the known history. Samskrit was the primary language of the knowledge transmission in India. In popular imagination Samskrit is known as a language connected with spiritual matters and the language of Upanishads and puranas. However, over 95% of the Samskrit literature pertains to worldly matters and currently only ~7% of the texts are digitally preserved (only a fraction of which are actually available and are studied). To bridge this vast gap in the knowledge about the scientific history of India, it is essential to train a generation of scholar who are comfortable in understanding the Samskrit scientific texts in their original form while applying that knowledge to modern 21st Century problems. It is becoming very apparent with the recent developments around the world that the current models of development are unsustainable and are in direct conflict with nature. The rising inequalities around the world in capitalist systems and failure of communist/socialist economics point to a dire need for new paradigms of development. It is our strong conviction that there is an Indian way that is both sustainable and strives for the welfare of all. The grand vision for the center is to train generations of scholars who will show the ‘Indian way’ to the world. If we want to become the Knowledge power in this century and be the ‘Viswa guru’, it is imperative that we understand our heritage and teach the word the ‘Indian way’ of doing things.

News & Events


  • Launch of CISKS Website on 21 Jun 2021

  • Samskrita Sambhashana Workshop lectures on YouTube Link

  • Bhaskaracharya’s Lilavati Workshop lectures on YouTube: Link


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